A creative and super fun LEGO® building challenge held at every LCLUG monthly meet up! Using a chosen theme (e.g. Christmas) or one or more pieces of LEGO®, members build their own unique creation (MOC). 

Builds are placed on the designated Iron Build Table for members to view during the meet up. We encourage members to vote on the most interesting usage of the selected parts for each month. 

If you would like to participate in our LCLUG Iron Builder Challenge, come along to our next meet up! May the best LEGO® MOC win!



  • Build a MOC out of LEGO® that is no larger than a 32 x 32 stud baseplate in size.
  • Build must include at least one Iron Builder Piece. Any queries please contact us for clarification. 
  • “LEGO®” includes LEGO® System, Technic, Duplo, Belville. Basically anything that has been produced by The LEGO® Group you can use it!
  • Power functions and lighting encouraged
  • Creativity is essential! The best builds are usually the most interesting, out-side-the-box concepts presented in the best way possible!
  • Prizes are awarded based on the highest number of votes tallied towards the end of the meet up.
  • There will be both AFOL (adult) and KFOL (kids) prizes on the day. Please note: prizes may vary in value between events. 

Rules created by SBLUG for the SBLUG Iron Builder Challenge.